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Welcome to our modern, state-of-the-art seminar rooms. We are proud to offer you ideal work spaces for your meetings, trainings, conferences and other professional events. We have a range of rooms of different sizes to meet all your needs.

Meeting Rooms

5 exceptional meeting rooms for your professional events, elegant and modern rooms for all your meeting and training needs.

Cultural Experience

Traditional Alsatian restaurants, kosher and halal can offer a unique culinary experience to participants, who can discover new flavors and local dishes.

Better Productivity

Attendees who take advantage of the wellness and relaxation facilities may be more productive and creative when they return to their work sessions, which can improve the effectiveness of the event.

Reserve your room

We are confident that our seminar rooms will meet all your business needs and make your event a success. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you organize an unforgettable meeting, training or conference at our hotel.

A Successful Global Experience

By choosing our accommodation and catering packages, as well as our meeting rooms, participants can enjoy a successful overall experience, with everything they need on site for a comfortable and successful stay.

Our seminar packages

Lodging + Equipped rooms + Restaurant + Snack + Wellness Spa

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Événement D’entreprise à l’hôtel « les Cigognes »

Nos plus …. restauration Casher et Hallal certifiée.   Bienvenue dans nos salles de séminaires modernes et équipées à la pointe de la technologie. Nous sommes fiers de vous offrir des espaces de travail idéaux pour vos réunions, formations, conférences et autres événements professionnels. Nous disposons d’une gamme de salles de différentes tailles pour répondre […]

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